At StartupCuration we are committed towards positive impact of our student community.

No matter what your dreams and goals are, we know a lifetime of achievement as a impactful influencers of Startups and Business awaits you. Through Startup Influencers program we’re committed to the success of our Interns. From growing as an individual, as a partner, in your career and in your community – the opportunity is here for you to shapeup and make your own identity as Influencers of Startups. That’s why when you launch a career inspired by human connection and the opportunity to become your personal best, the possibilities are endless. In many cases you start at current location to be a local influencer and soon become a global influencer for Startups.

Update your profile as: “Startup Influencer” at

Choosing an Industry: You can choose a specific industry or more than 1 of your choice. But we don’t advice influencers to choose not more than three industries at any given time.

Read FAQ section to understand better.
Word of caution: Startup Influencers play a key role in this model, we advice you all to take up the responsibility with at-most care.

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