LabInApp is a company on a mission of revolutionizing science learning through 3-dimensional virtual graphics. Their real-time computer graphics technology helps people to interact, visualize and explore science.

LabInApp is a 3D, interactive virtual laboratory tool that focuses on heuristic approach of understanding science. This heuristic ideology facilitates students and teachers to perform science experiments on computers or mobile devices, and eliminates the physical barriers of actual laboratory. LabInApp’s real-time 3D computer graphics technology promotes learning by doing pedagogy. This enhances the ability of teacher to deliver a live demonstration of experiments/concepts/phenomenon/complex ideas in a controlled environment. Thus comprehends students’ conceptual realization and arouses curiosity by its playful learning environment.

LabInApp  benifits the students and teachers in three broad ways :

  • Learn Interactively
  • Visualize Concepts
  • Explore the Unknown