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StartupCuration is a learning company and our aim is to help employers learn Business, Software, Technology, Language and Creative skills to achieve personal and professional goals.

You can experience high-quality instruction which benefits corporate houses. We collaborate with educators and industry leaders to form curricula. Top-quality courses taught by recognised industry experts to help corporate houses meet a wide range of learning goals. On-demand learning to bridge the competency gap towards building skills and productivity of your employees, we provide enterprise training to address your business needs.

Our Corporate Trainings are tailor made and specifically designed to meet the unique demands of employees and employers. Most companies outsource their whole training needs to us as we offer customised training based on best practices, latest concepts, methodology and techniques to them get the most value for their investment.

We are affiliated to HP Education Services and are authorised to offer exclusive, tailor-made Training & Certification programmes on wide range of HP Products.

  1. QGIS
  2. ArcGIS

  1. T24 Introduction courses
  2. T24 Implementation level courses
    a) Retail

    b) Credit
    c) Treasury
    d) Corporate
    e) Accounting
    f) Private Banking
    g) Security Management
  3. T24 End user level courses
    a) Retail
    b) Credit
    c) Treasury
    d) Corporate.

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