Boom is building supersonic passenger aircraft that a common man can afford to fly.

Think of travelling from New York – London in 3.5 hours or San Francisco to Tokyo in 4.7 hours. The first product carries 40 passengers, with the same fares as a lay flat bed in business class. The subscale prototype airplane is being built at Centennial airport (near Denver) and will start setting speed records in late 2017.

Boom was founded on the philosophy that we need to overcome the challenges to supersonic passenger flight, not surrender to them. They are making a supersonic aircraft affordable for business travel. Their ultimate goal is routine supersonic flight for everyone.

The team who is making supersonic travel a reality have started 6 companies, contributed to over 30 new airplanes, and taken multiple aircraft through FAA certification.

They are pilots, engineers, and hands-on builders and have design and flight test experience up to Mach 3.

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