HP Certified Big Data Program 
Duration: 72 Hours

Prerequisites: –

Working knowledge of:

  • Java

Whether you are a Student, Developer, Administrator/Engineer or a Project Manager wanting to stay abreast of the latest powerful features of what HP Big Data has to offer, this overview ensures that you can maximise full potential and apply best practical methods that to successful deployments.

Hadoop an open source storage system is a key technology used for breaking up huge chunks of data into business intelligence. Programmers structure the data, assign it to relational database, and make sense of it with the appropriate analytical application.

1. Introduction to Bigdata
2. Hadoop Architecture
3. Hadoop Deployment
4. MapReduce and advanced HDFS
5. Pig
6. Hive
7. Hbase
8. Commercial – Cloudera

This training module will demonstrate that the HP Intelligent Data Operating Layer (IDOL) is a full featured, reliable, and scalable infrastructure for every unstructured information needed. In order to understand the complexities of this powerful software, this first lesson examines the technology from a high-level perspective, allowing the student to gain a holistic understanding of Hewlett-Packard’s technology and an insight into the entire philosophy, methodology, and approach to making sense of information.


This course covers the fundamentals of the powerful and versatile HP IDOL platform and lays a firm foundation for the development of your IDOL knowledge to understand the meaning behind Big Data. Course completion allows the participant to take the ATP ExpertOne certification. This course is identical to the HP Software Education course HP IDOL Essentials.
Course Aspect Description
Course Name Understanding the Meaning Behind Big Data using HP IDOL
Course Duration 40 Hours
Audience Fresher’s with Computer Science knowledge, Administrators, System
Engineers, Developers, and Project managers.

Training Format Practical Hand-on course 70%, Theory 30% with both a dedicated
computer and training room. Fully documented training materials are
provided, which lay out the tasks and lessons planned for each day.

Type ILT, VILT, onsite
Training Prerequisites Please see section 2.0.
Suggested Skills Basic Network/Software Administration, Basic Security,
Web/Application Server, Knowledge Management, HTML, XML &

1. HP IDOL overview
2. Installing the Lab infrastructure
3. HP IDOL configuration
4. File system connector CFS aggregation
5. Web crawling using HTTP connector
6. Manual indexing
7. Indexing native XML
8. Retrieval
9. Action commands – autonomy syntax
10. Customizing the result fields
11. Using HP IDOL’s “Retina” web application
12. Backing up HP IDOL
13. Exporting an HP IDOL index
14. Setting up Parametric Search
15. Advanced Querying
16. Categorization
17. Language Considerations
18. Customizing the result fields
19. Aggregating content from a database using ODBC connector
20. Security – Intellectual asset protection
21. Monitoring & Reporting
22. IDOL admin tool
23. Distributed handlers
24. Performance and best practice